Friday, 6 June 2014

Recont: A time I was successful

 W.A.L.T: Retell of a past experience

W.I.L.F:Audience has all the information needed.

"Should I jump out Ken? The Dog mite bite me?" "No it won't replied Ken. Then I just jumped out of the van. 

Me an Ken just ran straight to the pig pen. It was the first time I seen their pigs. Me and Ken just fed the pigs. 

 Then me and Ken went to catch a tuna.

Then me an Ken ran back to the  pig pen with the tuna. 

When we got back up the top we smoked the tuna. It was delicious. I like it at Ken's, but his dogs still scary!


  1. Replies
    1. yeah when sometimes you have to come ask me for some help.

  2. yeah right leshidus. I like your writing. But you spell it like this Might not mite. so cool story. :)