Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Cross Country

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It was a rainy,wet,cold and muddy day…

But we didn’t care.
It’s Our Cross Country.

I felt nervous before the race started.

I felt puffed out when I was running around the block.

I heard my Dad and I saw my Uncle,Anuty and cuzzies.

I done Well and I came 4th an I hope next time I will come 1st,2nd,3rd I was proud of myself.


  1. Hi Leshidus it was wet and cold on the cross country day. I felt cold, wet and soaked but most of all I was proud of myself for running on a wet day. When I was running I saw my mum and dad cheering for me. When I went around the block I felt puffed. I saw some people coming that never went past me I ran ahead so they never went past me.

  2. i like your start when you said it was a cold

  3. Hey Leshidus. It was a very wet day when we did our cross country. Maybe next time you can add a bit of colour to your font and make you awesome writing a bit smaller.

  4. What an amazing talk you have done about cross country. I Remember when I was doing cross country, My heart was racing fast. but I was not there to be tied to go home and rest my legs up for one and haft a day. I was so lackey I was not there I was over in oz to race so sad you had to race... But Keep it up!!!!