Friday, 21 October 2016

My Weekend

On Sunday afternoon I went next door to my Aunty's house to mow the lawns.

First I checked the engine to see if the mower was healthy I put petrol in the gas tank it smells very horrible. 

Next I primed the mower then started the up it was as loud as space shuttle taking off.I started mowing the lawns.By the time I had finished, the lawns looked like a grassy puzzle.

Last we had a feed it was delicous. We ate two family pack of crispy tender chicken n chips and cm donalds it was exciting. I had lots of fun that day. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

My Holiday

On Wednesday afternoon me
 my and family went to Waterworld in hamilton
to go swimming and do some bombs!
First we got changed into swimming clothes and then went down the hydro slides.

Next I went for a swim in the big cold pool I got cold so I hopped in the warm pool.  Then I did bombs off the diving board.

Finally we went to get lollies and it was a cool holiday.

I had fun time swimming with my uncle, cousins and brother.